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Pictures of an Exhibition:

Captain America

Captain America

Black Panther

Black Panther

Spiderman in a scene build by Showconcept

Spiderman - scene constructed by Showconcept



Making of Vitrines

Making of Vitrines at Showconcept

MARVEL - Universe of Super Heroes

MARVEL - Universe of Super Heroes

The most extensive MARVEL Exhibit ever opened in the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle: The "Universe Of Super Heroes" features more than 300 original artifacts including Marvel's first comic as well as costumes and props from comics and films like Captain America, The Avengers, Black Panther and more. Set pieces place guests into the classic comic book scenes and let the visitor save a selfie with The Thing or learn to fly in Ironman's armament.

Heiko Schallenberg, CEO of SHOWCONCEPT is the Technical Director of the production working in close collaboration with the Producer and the Architectual Team and the MoPOP Museum.

This included to manufacture exhibition furniture, set pieces and vitrines for the artifacts and logistic support.

SHOWCONCEPT also assembled the lighting system for the exhibition and provided technical support.

Of course according to the existing technical regulations for people and nature, that goes without saying.

The exhibition can now be seen in Philadelphia, opening April 13th 2019.

Dr Strange

Dr Strange in the Exhibition MARVEL - Universe of Super Heroes in MoPOP, Seattle


Fotos: SHOWCONCEPT, S. Vanini, mit freundlicher Genehmigung SC Exhibitions