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Welcome at SHOWCONCEPT GmbH in Germany!

SHOWCONCEPT is a complete technical solutions specialist operating in a range of markets such as live entertainment, theatre, public shows and events, first class exhibitions, corporate events and e-sports.
Showconcept is partner for producers, presenters and creative people in technical solutions, special manufacturing and logistics.

We work for your success, to realise your ideas with tailor made solutions focussed on your budget with our knowledge and experience out of more than 30 years.


Technical event production for live entertainment and sustainable event solutions

Technical realisation

Technical planning and design - overall implementation

Budgeting, consultance and design

Technical solutions in lighting, video, sound, rigging, kintecs and stage

Project Planning incl. the integration of all technological areas, site supervision, coordination of all works

Illustrations of technical nature such as drawings, maps, sketches, plas, tables and three dimensional representations.

Health and saftey for all involved

Touring management

Touring solutions national and international

Concepts, logistics und crew

Set building, design and manufacturing in own workshops

Manufacturing of exhibition furnishings and show cases in own workshops



Join the team!

We train,develop and promote motivated and efficient employees with integrity. 

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