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Technical Equipment

Setbuilding Dollies and Cases



Some References



DiGiCo SD10 Theatre

Meyer Sound Leopard Line Arrays

Meyer Sound Lina
Line Arrays

Meyer Sound LFC 900
Meyer Sound LFC 750

Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy

Meyer Sound X40

Glasfaser Digital Multicore
Neutrik Optical Con Due Advanced Xtreme
Luminex Gigacore 14R
Luminex Gigacore RPSU

SHURE AXIENT DIGITAL wireless systems mit Handhelds und Bodypacks

ETC Source4 LED

ETC EOS Titanium 4096 ch / Nomad Software

ETC ION mit Univ. Fader Wing -1024 ch / Nomad Software

Robert Juliat Merlin

Gerriets Tube Roller Screen Systems
incl. I-Motion Control

















On this page you will find productions on tour with us, news from Showconcept, new rental equipment etc. .

Flashdance - The Musical   Tutanchamun
Flashdance-The Musical 2019/ 2020
King Tut - His Tomb and The Treasure -Exhibitions worldwide
Marvel Universe of Super Heroes   Dublin Nights
MARVEL - Universe of Super Heroes - Edmonton starting soon
Dublin Nights 2019/ 2020
Romeo and Juliet   Ballet Revolucion
Romeo and Juliet 2019/ 2020 Hamburg / Cologne
Ballet Revolucion 2019/ 2020
The Bar at Buenavista    
The Bar at Buenavista 2019/ 2020