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BRANDNEW! in our Rental Parc:

MOVECAT Stage Pro Motors 1000kg D8+

Meyer Sound Leopard Line Arrays

Meyer Sound Lina Line Arrays

Meyer Sound LFC 900
Meyer Sound LFC 750

Meyer Sound Ultra Series UPM-1
Meyer Sound Ultra Series X40 / X42

Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816

Meyer Sound MJF 208
Meyer Sound MJF 210

DiGiCo SD 10 Theater
Optocore DD4MR-FX

Glasfaser Digital Multicore
Neutrik Optical Con Due Advanced Xtreme 150m

Glasfaser Luminex Giga Core 10 Duo 10 MMF
Luminex Gigacore 14R
Luminex Gigacore RPSU

SHURE AXIENT DIGITAL Wireless Systems, Handhelds and Bodypacks
Shure AXIENT DIGITAL MINI wireless Systems
ADX1M Micro Taschensender, AD1, AD2

Green-Go Communication Systems
Digital Intercom Systems, wireless + wired
WBPX wireless Intercom
BPX wired Intercom
MCXEXT-24 channel 19" Erweiterung
MCX 19"
Green-Go WAA - Antenna

AVIOM Personal Monitoring System, A16D , A16D Pro 8 Port A-Net Verteiler, A16II Personal Mixer

Gerriets Tube Roller Screen Systems
Movecat I-Motion Steuerung

SHURE In-Ear Monitoring Systems
SHURE P10TE Sender
SHURE P10R+ Empfänger
PA 805SWB Antenne

ETC EOS Titanium 4096 ch / Nomad Software

ETC ION mit Universal Fader Wing -1024 ch / Nomad Software




Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show - Premiere im Kölner Musicaldom 2017 Foto: SHOWCONCEPT

Lighting Equipment, Moving Lights, LED, Effects

This list does not claim to be complete. If you do not find your preferred item, please, contact us.

Moving Lights

Martin Mac Viper Profile
Martin Mac Viper Wash
Martin Mac Viper Performance
Martin Mac Rush MH3
Martin Mac Quantum Wash
Martin Mac Aura
Clay Paki Sharpy Wash 330


ChromaQ Colorforce 72 RGBA
SGM Q7 LED Fluter
ETC SourceFour Series2 Lustr Array/ Festbrennweite und als Zoom
Martin Mac Quantum
Martin Mac Aura
Martin LED Stagebars 54L

Media Server

Catalyst V4 HD Pro


Grand MA2 Full Size
Grand MA2 Light

Glasfaser Digital Multicore
Neutrik Optical Con Due Advanced Xtreme 150m
Luminex Gigacore 14R
Luminex Gigacore RPSU


Avolites Art 2000
Avolites Touring Rack 72 x 12


ETC Source 4, 575/750W,
ETC Zoom Source 4 15-30°
ETC Zoom Source Four 25-50° + Zubehör wie Full Top Hats usw.
Niethammer ENI Zoom 15/40 


trand Minim F, 350 W
Strand Cantata F / PC, 1,2 KW
Desisti Leonardo, 2 KW / 5 KW
ADB C201 PC, 2kW

Floods/ Ramps

HQI Fluter 250 asymmetrisch
Altman Micro Strip MICS2, 2chn
Altman Sky Cyc 1 / 2 / 4 Kammern


ETC Source 4 PAR, CP 60, 61, 62, EXG, 575/ 750W 
Thomas PAR 64, 1 KW CP 60, 61, 62, EXG, Shortnose, Floorspot,
PAR 36 DWE 2-lite Blinder
PAR 36 DWE 4-lite Blinder
PAR 36 DWE 8-lite Blinder


Wybron Coloram, 10"
Wybron Coloram Large Format (8-Light)
Wybron Forerunner 7",
Wybron Forerunner 4",
Wybron Aquaram / Dowser
4"Martin QFX 150 Fibre Source

Followspots Robert Juliat Aramis 2,5kw
Robert Juliat Merlin 2,5kw
Robert Juliat Super Corrigan 1,2kw HMI
Effects Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe DMX
Martin Atomic Colors (Farbwechsler)
Wildfire UV Stufenlinse, 400 W
Projectors Sanyo PLC XF 45, 10.000 ANSI Lumen
Sanyo PLC-XP 45, 3500 ANSI-Lumen

Smoke Machines

MDG Ice-Fog Compack-H, DMX
MDG Atmosphere ATMe DMX
MDG Ice Fog Kompakt
JEM Glaciator XStream
Look Viper NT
Look Viper S
Look Unique II Hazer
Smoke Factory Captain D
Smoke Factory Enterprice TC 4
Martin AF 1 Windmaschine
Smoke Factory Fan



everything with all neccessary accessoires


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